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Premium Music Videos

$39.95 / month

Access our premium ad-free business playlists to perfectly match your venue's target demographic, or create your own on-brand playlists to be displayed across your Loop network.
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$19.95 / month

Scheduling is a great way to automatically run the right playlist at the right time of day. Keep your venues on-brand by and on time with your own playlists or Loop's curated channels.
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Digital Signage

Coming Soon

Advanced digital signage for your menu boards, video overlays, news tickers and more.
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Premium Viral Videos

Coming Soon

The funniest, cutest and most awe inspiring viral videos that are trending this very second.
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Premium Sports Videos

Coming Soon

Keep up with the latest highlights, goals, breaking news, expert commentary and more.
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Performing Rights Collections

$29.95 / month

Have Loop cover the Performance Rights Licensing Fees administered by ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC. This coverage is only applicable for the audio visual content provided by Loop.
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